Organization and Staff

Your company and staff’s information one click away.

More information, less work.

Centrally manage your company and staff information . Optimize administrative tasks while obtaining a global and reliable vision of every aspect of your organization.

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Workbeat’s customizable dashboards will give you an accurate view of the most important aspects of your organization.

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Staff Record

All important staff information is kept and  synchronized with the other talent management processes.

File Data

In the staff’s file, configure the sections or information fields required by your organization

Digital Documents

Say goodbye to paperwork and lost documents. Securely store and manage your organization’s most important documents digitally.

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Org Structure

Keep control of your org structure and define the positions, job descriptions, organization chart, skills, attributes, behaviors and values ​​that comprise it.

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Global Vision

View the global sight of your organization, regardless of the number of companies or divisions that it is made up of.

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permisos workbeat
File Data

Facilitate and expedite letters for your associates with predefined and editable templates.

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Permission Management

Specifically define the permissions and access of the information that each user will have.

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Interactive organization chart

Graphically view the organization chart of your company and access the detail of the positions and basic information of the associates who occupy them.

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Belinda Ruiz

Using Workbeat is very practical. It is a complete system that is used from the cloud and that makes our work easier.

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