Align your goals and get outstanding results.

Achieve Success

With Workbeat, motivate your associates and keep them focused on objectives aligned to those of your organization. Continuously improving the performance of your workforce has never been so easy. Check it out now.

More Performance evaluation benefits.

Common Objectives

Easily delegate goals to your subordinates or align yours to your manager’s directly from the system.

Objectives Catalog

Take advantage of the Workbeat library and speed up the loading and writing of your goals.

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Effective Measurement

Measure the fulfillment of your objectives through parameters: metric, monetary, percentage or personalized.

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Dynamic Goals

Do your department or organization priorities change? No problem, in the software, you can redefine the objectives and their importance whenever you need it.

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Include Proof

Enrich updates on the progress of your goals with documents as proof. Upload up to 10 megabytes.

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Manage in the same process: quantitative objectives involve a numerical goal and qualitative objectives that promote self-evaluation and ponder.

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Training Evaluation

Save time viewing on a single screen of the tool all your assigned associates to evaluate and rate their skills and / or values.


Launch one or multiple job performance processes and allow your associates to participate in several of them simultaneously.


Document your progress

At Workbeat, we record for you all the events and progress related to your work performance processes.

Global vision

Use the Administrator Panel to know in real time the performance of your work force. It provides timely feedback to guide your organization to your goal accomplishment.


With Performance, it is easier to track the progress of our goals, whether on our computer or cell phone.

Jessica Muñoz, Edenred.

The massive invitation for Performance processes optimizes my time. I no longer have to tell every manager to participate.

Itzel Fernandez, Merca2.0.

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