Add objectivity to your staff recruiting.

Hire with confidence.

With Workbeat, apply unlimited psychometric evaluations and receive real-time automatic interpretations that help you make an objective staff selection.

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María Fabiola Muñoz

It is a very friendly system that allows you to have the associate's file in the same place and to review the main characteristics that you consider for a job opening with its psychometric results.

More benefits of Psychometry up in the cloud

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Psychometric Profiles

With Workbeat, carry out interviews, video conferences and apply psychometric tests unlimitedly and without additional costs. Everything you need to recruit in the cloud.

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Profile Catalog

Find more than 38 psychometric profiles in the Workbeat catalog or create your own personalized profiles.

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Unlimited Psychometry

Apply evaluations for free and totally unlimited to candidates and associates.

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Results and Interpretations

As psychological tests are answered, obtain the results and automatic interpretations online.

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Test Catalog

Enjoy a catalog of preloaded evaluations in Workbeat among which are: Cleaver (Personality), Kostick (Behavior), Terman (Intelligence), IPV (Sales Skills), Lifo (Command Styles) and Allport (Values).

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Interactive Dashboard

Access the dashboard and view in real time the most important aspects to keep track of your answered evaluations, pending evaluations, and more.

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Adequacy Position-Person

Workbeat indicates the job-person adequacy level with a stoplight scale, based on the evaluations.

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fecha limite

Define deadlines to answer the exams and keep in the software a history record of the results and psychometrics applied to your associates.

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Executive Summary.

Share with associates or managers a summary analysis of the people evaluated for decision making.


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Psychometric Assessments

Workbeat psychometry has become a key part of the Personnel Selection process by incorporating objectivity into decision making.

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