Workbeat Flextend®

The technology that simplifies the extraordinary.

At Workbeat, we understand that each company has its own way of working. That is why we create Workbeat Flextend®, technology designed so that each client can define and execute their human capital processes as they need them; in a simple, intuitive, smart and safe way.

Techonology for Humans

At Workbeat, we are convinced that technology users are ordinary human beings, in search of a relevant interactive experience where day-to-day tasks are easy to execute, that do not require a manual and that are familiar to us.

Imagine this…

Imagine a world where human resource management is done through conversations, in natural language and fully accessible, where HR processes are carried out practically by themselves and associates enjoy efficient services in real time. No need to follow complicated processes, paperwork, forms or bureaucratic chains of authorization.

Our engineers had the same dream when they designed Workbeat.

What can you do with Workbeat Flextend?

Technological innovation

Flextend® DNA is based on continuous innovation. Taking advantage of technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data and Conversational Interfaces, we bring valuable services to associates in a natural, assertive and personal way.

That is why we have a Research and Innovation Center made up of Software engineers and specialists; HR, Payroll and Quality Experts who live researching, designing, validating and bringing to the market new versions and functionalities of Workbeat

We have gone the roof

Workbeat was conceived from the very first day to work and take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, to be ready for the change, so you always have the latest version at no additional cost, with the newest and best features. With Workbeat, you no longer have to worry about moving forward.

Integration with other clouds

Workbeat offers a set of tools and APIs that allow the integration of the information of the collaborators with other business processes and / or information systems such as ERP’s, LMS’s, BI’s, CRM’s, etc. in a simple, agile and flexible way.

Let your IT area fly into your imagination and build additional functionality and centrally integrate all the information you need for decision making.

We grow with you

Workbeat is designed to maintain predictable performance, automatically and based on the demand for processing resources. It supplies the necessary hardware infrastructure to meet the expected performance of our customers.

Is it payroll payday? Don't worry. Workbeat will enable the necessary capabilities so that your payroll is processed and calculated in minutes, ALWAYS.

More reasons to choose Workbeat

Comprehensive security

Our priority. Allow us to introduce our security measures with which we maintain the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your information.

Behind Workbeat

A small tour of our history, organization, philosophy, vision and the team of people who have brought us to your organization.

Accompanying services

Our team of certified Consultants and Partners is looking forward to accompanying you at every stage of your journey and making you live the Workbeat experience.

We have so much more to show you. Check it out!