Workbeat Security

Our team is committed to maintaining the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information, we are in constant evaluation and remediation of new vulnerabilities and threats, with the aim of minimizing the impacts that may represent a risk for our clients.

We protect the environment of our clients

We employ the latest security and encryption techniques to ensure that the information of your company and your employees is protected, complete and always available.   Working with Workbeat is working safe. As our customer, you will benefit from a network architecture and data center designed to meet the security requirements of the most demanding enterprises.


We protect the environment of our clients

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Employees can access Workbeat using the same username and password with which they enter their computer and / or email.

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Communication between Workbeat and users is encrypted using modern TLS cryptographic protocols, which provide secure communication between networks such as the internet.

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Workbeat offers high availability and load balancing in critical services, as well as elasticity and growth

automated in critical periods of operation and high demand.

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Security Audits

We carry out constant vulnerability analysis and with specialized third parties to discover vulnerabilities, which can cause an impact to the security of the information.

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We monitor the platform as it happens, we monitor performance indicators and analyze the behavior of critical components.

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We ensure that security controls are in place, effective and used within our platform using international standards and frameworks.

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Operations Center

We have a team of experts who anticipate actions that must be taken to prevent any type of threat, detecting them in real time and managing recoveries, corrections and improvements.

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We have a highly available database architecture that ensures that information is always available from multiple locations.

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Employee information is always protected. Our Cybersecurity team is in constant evolution of best practices and defensive and offensive trends in the assurance, compliance and implementation of industry standards.

Roles and Profiles

Workbeat has a unique framework based on Roles and Profiles with granular access, where user profiles are fully configurable in order to take care of sensitive information and access privileges to user information.

To take care of the correct access and the NO escalation of privileges, these roles are validated by the application during the entire user session.

Shared Responsibility Model

Thanks to the benefits that Cloud architectures offer us, it is possible to deliver an added value in terms of its security measures.

Workbeat is currently hosted on Microsoft Azure, which provides us with a differentiating security due to its experience, the membership of compliance with international standards deliver the value that the security that the Network, Storage, Servers and Virtualization layers are being managed in a safe way.

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Technological innovation

Discover our technology, designed so that each client can define and execute their processes in a simple, intelligent, intuitive and safe way.

Behind Workbeat

A short tour of our history, organization, philosophy, vision and the team who have brought us to your organization.

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Our team of certified Consultants and Partners is looking forward to joining you at each stage of your journey and making you live the Workbeat experience.

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